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Deer Hunting in Wisconsin

Hunt Trophy Whitetail

2016 Extended
Gun and Bow
Hunting Season
Sep. 1 - Jan. 1
*Or until antlers drop,
as late as March
Whitetail Buck Hunts: Currently Available! Whitetail Doe Hunts: Included with Buck!


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Experience the ultimate in Wisconsin whitetail deer hunting at Edenwood Ranch and Preserve. Our diverse preserves include all the elements to attract and grow healthy, trophy bucks. Natural features such as deep valleys, marshes, hard woods, water holes, ponds, oak ridges and lush food plots, create the perfect atmosphere for producing immense bucks.

Edenwood Ranch will make your trophy buck dreams a reality. Book an all-inclusive hunt with us, and we guarantee you and your entire party will experience a trophy whitetail buck hunt you will be talking about for years to come!

Edenwood adheres to a strict management policy and only will harvest mature bucks who are at least 5 years old. This ensures they are full size and have impressive racks. We take great pride in our herd by only allowing 25 mature whitetail bucks to be harvested per season, ensuring each hunter will have a true trophy experience. 

Trophy Hunting without the Fees

Whitetail Buck for Trophy Hunting in WIEdenwood hunting preserve has one goal: getting you a shot at the trophy buck you want. On your trip, you will see 20 or more deer every day. This includes bucks and does, but not the elk or fallow deer sharing the ranch with them. Then, unexpectedly, the buck of your dreams will step into view.

The last thing we want you thinking about is how much the monster buck in your sights is going to cost.

We do not tag, color code or segregate our animals. Our helpful guides will be with you, letting you know whether an animal is or is not included in your hunting package. If it is and you want it, take your shot. There are no surprise scoring fees, you know exactly what your hunt will cost when you book with Edenwood.

It Will Be Hard to Decide Which Buck you Want

Hunting on public land, you’re lucky to see more than one buck worth taking. Hour after hour is spent waiting for something to appear. If a buck enters the area, you’re forced to take it or risk going home with nothing.


Hunt huge whitetail bucks on Edenwood's natural preserve. The sheer size of these antlers give them the same "wow!" factor as the rare fallow deer racks.

Hunt Whitetail


Go a few sizes higher and shoot for a massive trophy elk - just be sure you have enough room above the fireplace.

Hunt Elk


If you've already mounted your share of whitetail trophies, an exotic fallow deer will stand out in your prize collection. Edenwood also has brilliant white fallow bucks and does.

Hunt Fallow

At Edenwood, it’s not unusual to see dozens of bucks on your trip.

On our preserve, hunters see around two dozen deer every day of the hunt. Some of the bucks are young and not ready to grace your trophy room. Many, though, sport stunning 200”+ racks. It sounds strange, but you will probably find yourself passing on 175” bucks. You know a bigger one is just around the corner.

Raising the Biggest Bucks: Why Our Herd Is So Impressive

Two Trophy Bucks In Wisconsin Hunting PreserveWe routinely present hunters with the biggest bucks they’ve ever seen. Many people wonder how we are able to maintain such an impressive herd. The answer is science. Deer antler size depends on a number of things. Population density, nutrition, age and other factors determine how big a mature buck’s rack will be. We designed our facility to promote growth of the biggest racks whitetails can grow.

At Edenwood, you will find yourself passing on bucks you would be giddy to see anywhere else.

By keeping our herd at the ideal population and only allowing five year and older bucks to be harvested, we have created an ideal environment for producing trophy bucks.

Antler size steadily increases with each season until a deer is about five years old. Growth continues until a deer is about eight, but the rate slows. By targeting deer in their prime, we ensure every buck reaches its maximum rack size and avoid diluting the herd with old bucks whose racks shrink each year.

Got Skunked this Deer Hunting Season? Not at Edenwood!

Monster Buck Half Hidden by Tree on Fair Chase Captive Hunt Property in WisconsinIf an empty field is a good summary of your public deer hunt experience this year, it’s not too late to bring home a trophy. Edenwood guarantees you will have the opportunity to harvest an animal on our preserve. With a 98.9% successful hunt rate, our ranch offers a much better prospect of taking a buck than risking it during regular hunting season.

Edenwood is open for hunting after the public hunt has ended.

Gun or bow, you can hunt a trophy whitetail deer long after the Wisconsin public hunt is over. Not only are you guaranteed a shot at a buck, you’re going to see the biggest, most impressive animals of your life. We carefully manage our herd to ensure our bucks are better than anywhere else in the state.

Share Your Love of Hunting with a Family Member in our Luxury Hunting Stands

Many hunters have family members who enjoy listening to their stories of hunting. Due to age, disability or similar concerns, though, they are unable to go on the hunt. With Edenwood, you can now share your passion with anybody.

Edenwood's luxury hunting stands are fully heated to ensure your comfort and include top of the line hunting equipment such as German binoculars.

You can use the weapon of your choice and hunt from our luxury heated condo stand, a traditional ladder stand or ground blind. We have all three options available, placed at high traffic locations throughout the preserve.

Edenwood has condo hunting stands accessible to wheelchairs and other mobility impaired individuals.

You can hunt sitting next to your elderly grandmother, wheelchair bound spouse or other person who wants to bond with you but is unable to actively participate in a whitetail hunt. It’s an excellent way to spend time doing what you love with someone you love.

12 Point Buck in Field on Wisconsin Whitetail Hunting PreserveEstate Hunting Is a Great Way to Introduce Young Hunters to the Sport

Waking up early, sitting in your stand and waiting patiently are what whitetail hunting has become for many hunters. Unfortunately, children are not known for their ability to sit quietly in one place waiting for something to happen. And, given the current scarcity of deer in Wisconsin’s public hunts, many times those hours of waiting culminate in going home empty-handed.

Instead of hoping for the best on a public hunt, introduce your young one to hunting at Edenwood.

You will see dozens of beautiful animals and are guaranteed to have a shot at taking one. With our 98.9% success rate, there is no better way to share a first hunt with your son or daughter. Whether you hunt on public land or come to Edenwood, you will make memories and your child will form an opinion of hunting.

Make sure they’re good memories fostering a love of hunting by harvesting a trophy buck at Edenwood.

Big Whitetail Buck Standing in Woods on Wisconsin Fair Chase Deer Hunting RanchFair Chase Whitetail Hunting on Luxury Resort with Plenty to Do for Non-Hunters

Hunters and their families love coming to Edenwood. Not only do we have the best whitetail deer available for hunting in Wisconsin, we have the nicest luxury facility for outdoors family fun. While you hunt, your family can enjoy swimming, canoeing and fishing in our fully stocked pond.

Our Safari Suite has a seven person hot tub, perfect for catching up with the whole family after a thrilling hunt. For a super-relaxing evening, schedule a massage and then sit by the fire pits enjoying a glass of wine.

At Edenwood, your entire family will have fun on the hunt. Whether everybody is a hunter or you’re the only one after a deer, your stay at our luxury ranch is sure to be a family vacation everyone will remember for years to come.

Edenwood Gives You 100% Shot Opportunity

Our Whitetail hunts are fully 1x1 guided - your guide will ensure you have 100% shot opportunity. Our hunters have experienced a 98.9% success rate for bagging a trophy animal over the past 3 years. Book a customized whitetail hunting trip with us and you will gain access to our luxury lodging, deluxe hunting stands and an assortment of included activities.

We accommodate hunters of all ages and experience levels as well as disabled hunters.

Your Trophy Whitetail Package will consist of a 4 day 3 night stay & the following:

Whitetail Buck in Field at Luxury Hunting Ranch

  • First Class Lodging & Meals
  • Fully Stocked Bar
  • Field Dressing
  • Transportation to & from Local Airport
  • Skinning, Caping, & Quartering of animal is also available (additional cost)
  • Option to use onsite taxidermist of local processor (additional cost)
  • Bring a non- hunting guest for $150/day

Join us for the best trophy whitetail hunting in Wisconsin!

At Edenwood Ranch and Preserve we occasionally have management whitetail hunts available.

Join us for your next vacation and enjoy Wisconsin's premier whitetail hunting ranch at Edenwood.
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