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Fallow Deer Hunting in Wisconsin

Free Roaming Fallow Deer

When it comes to hunting exotics, why travel to New Zealand for trophy class fallow deer hunting and chance never seeing a world class fallow deer when we've got them right here in Wisconsin? Fallow deer hunting is highly favored by exotic game hunters not only because of the uniqueness of their antlers, but fallow deer also have some of the finest gourmet venison in the world. When hunting exotics, we offer some of the finest Fallow deer hunts available!  Here at Edenwood, our herd is continually growing and producing more and more world class fallow deer.

Fallow Deer Facts

Fallow deer have been hunted for over 2,000 years. They are an extremely hardy and elusive species being extremely adaptable to a variety of climates. Adult males range from 35-38 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 175 to 225 pounds. 

There are 4 primary colors of fallow deer. They range from a tan or rust color with white spots or can be seen as a creamy white, grayish brown or very dark brown color. Their highly sought after antlers are palmate, similar to those of a moose, with several large tines which grow anywhere from 15 inches up to a trophy size of 28 inches in length. The fallow deer's meat is extremely lean containing only about 5% - 7% fat and is very succulent with only a very mild venison flavor.

Hunting exotics such as the fallow deer hunting at Edenwood Ranch and Preserve is extremely challenging. Fallow deer are extremely cautious and typically flee immediately once they sense they are being pursued. Edenwood’s Fallow hunts are all guided with experienced professional guides to maximize your chances of a successful trophy fallow hunt.  You may even try the Fallow Slam, which consists of one white fallow buck, one chocolate fallow buck and one spotted fallow buck. 

All of our trophy fallow hunts include license, 4 days 3 nights, meals, lodging, one on one guide, field dressing and your choice of animal in you booking package. No trophy fees or hidden cost! Our hunters have had 100% success!

Book your customized trophy fallow hunt today if you are looking to hunt world class exotic deer.