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Wisconsin Trophy Elk Hunting

Heated luxury hunting stand

Luxury Hunting Stands

Trophy elk in Wisconsin roam our expansive preserve

Trophy Elk

Spacious hunting areas make your experience more enjoyable

Fair Chase Environment

Trophy elk at our hunting preserve range from 370 to over 400 inches

400"+ Elk Racks

Majestic Elk in Our Expansive Preserve

If you are planning a trophy elk hunting trip this year, why not come to Wisconsin? Edenwood offers trophy elk hunts and we will put you in the middle of an elk hunters paradise! We take great pride in our herd by only allowing 20 elk to be harvested per season ensuring each hunter will have a true trophy experience! No need to wait to draw a tag, no license is required to hunt on our private ranch!

The most popular time to hunt elk to hear the majestic call and bugling is late August through the end of September. Whether you're an experienced caller or a novice bring your calls along and call in the elk with your guide!

Wisconsin Elk Hunting at its Finest

400"+ bull elk.
Flat rate to take-
No trophy fees. Shoot the biggest elk you can see.

At Edenwood, we harvest 6x6 or larger bulls only. In the past we have averaged 370" bulls, with many bulls going over the 400" mark each year.

You do not pay by point or score. We have no trophy fees and do not up charge for our animals. You are harvesting the biggest animal that you desire! We do not tag, color code or segregate our animals. We pride ourselves in ensuring a fair chase environment.

Each time you go out to hunt it will be another great experience! Sit and relax by the fire nightly and listen to the elk bugle!

You can use the weapon of your choice and hunt from a heated condo stand, a ladder stand or ground blind! You choose. We can accommodate hunters of all ages and experience levels as well as disabled hunters.

Reserve Your Trophy Elk Hunt

Your Hunting Trip at Edenwood Includes:

Hunting Trip Features



  • 370" to 400"+ Elk Bulls
  • No Extra Fees for Point or Score
  • Fair Chase Environment
  • Free Field Dressing
  • Skinning, Quartering, & Caping Services Available
  • Onsite Taxidermist
  • 4 Days and 3 Night Stay Included
  • First Class Lodging & Meals
  • Non-hunters Can Tag Along for $150/day
  • Luxury Hunting Stand
  • Trusted Local Processors Nearby

Edenwood is conveniently located in central Wisconsin. Best of all, several airports are within just a one hour drive. Join us for your next hunt and enjoy trophy elk hunting in Wisconsin.

Book an elk hunting trip at Edenwood Ranch & Preserve today for a thrilling experience.

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Whether you are an avid bow hunter or prefer hunting with guns, you will have a thrilling and adventurous trip at Edenwood Ranch and Preserve. Not only do we have some of the biggest trophy elk in Wisconsin, we also have magnificent whitetail and fallow deer.

Join us for the hunt of a lifetime!