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Outdoor Activities in Wisconsin

Enjoy ATV trails at Edenwood Ranch and PreserveNatural Preserves and Wildlife

Come and enjoy the natural preserves of Edenwood populated with some of the highest quality wildlife, Edenwood Ranch & Preserve offers so many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Hunt your favorite game or surf the wild land on an ATV tour. There's no shortage of fun activities for you and your companions to enjoy.


At Edenwood Ranch & Preserve, your comfort is our top priority. We offer relaxing massages from highly trained masseuses who come to our luxury lodges to provide you with a variety of invigorating massage techniques. It’s the perfect way to relax and unwind after a day of hunting trophy elk and deer.  

Hiking Trails and Photography

Our pristine wildlife preserves offer guests miles of hiking trails which wind through diverse terrain. Relax, unwind and reconnect with nature in the glacier carved valleys and meadows unique to Wisconsin. Wander through diverse terrain while keeping an eye out for the wildlife who call Edenwood home. We always recommend our guests have a camera handy while hiking. There are many opportunities to capture our stunning herds of elk, fallow and whitetail deer in their natural habitats.

Bird Watching

In addition to our trophy herds of deer and elk, Edenwood is home to many distinctive birds. Veteran bird watchers and novices alike will delight in the wide range of feathered wildlife that live in our vast preserves.

Shed Antler Hunting

During late winter and early spring, our herds of elk and deer will shed their old antlers. Most members of our herds boast impressive size and any antler finds are exciting for both kids and adults. The unique, broad antlers of the fallow deer are sure to make an excellent souvenir of your stay. Keep an eye out and grab any you see while hiking through the preserve. Shed antler hunting is included in your stay with us.

Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

When the snow begins to fall, our miles of hiking trails turn into pristine cross country skiing and snowshoeing trails. Take a break before or after your hunt to get out and enjoy the stillness and beauty which comes with fresh snow. After exploring our trails, warm up by the roaring fire in our luxury lodges.

Private Beach and Zip Line

Edenwood offers our guests access to a private beach, complete with a waterslide and zip line! Cool off and relax during the warm Wisconsin summers. The clear water and sandy beach area will delight kids and adults. If you are looking for some added excitement, take a ride on the zip line and splash into the lake at the end of the line.


After catching sun and relaxing on our private beach, head over to our fully stocked fishing pond. We don’t require a license to fish and you can even cook up your catch! Our fishing pond is full of perch, walleye and bluegill.

Horseshoe Pits

Engage in classic fun and prepare for a family friendly competition in our horseshoe pits. Take a break and practice your accuracy or turn it into a challenge for bragging rights. Horseshoeing is a fun outdoor activity the whole family can get in on.

Gun and Archery Ranges

Just because it isn’t hunting season doesn’t mean you can’t hone your skills and practice your techniques. Edenwood Ranch & Preserve offers an archery range as well as a shooting range for target and clay shooting. Take your kids to learn the basics of archery and shooting in a safe, serene environment. Kids and adults are welcome!


Glamping in Wisconsin is a great way to enjoy being totally immersed in nature without the hassles of regular tent camping. Our luxury packages include all the amenities of our luxury lodges. Our glamping packages are a luxurious retreat into central Wisconsin’s beautiful forests.

ATV Trails

Edenwood is happy to offer personalized ATV tours through our preserve. Fly through our lush forests and take in the scenery as you go.

Mountain Biking

Our trails are not only great for hiking and ATV tours, they also lend themselves well to mountain biking. Cruise through the diverse terrain and test your endurance by touring our preserve on an exhilarating bike ride.

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